Who We Are

About the company

Maximum Power Company for protection systems is considered one of the biggest professional companies with high quality and accuracy. It operates as a branch of the main firm In the UAE.

It was established in 2004 by specialized engineers in this field. We have high experience in different areas. Such as governmental constitutions, hospitals, schools,home , hotels, gas stations and many other areas.

Our Vision

Keep up with every new in the world of information and adapt to our customers with the latest technology methods, relying on a specialized technical staff in our field, and so we continue to provide new for the market to keep pace with the constant evolution of technology, it is always better and provide the lowest possible cost to the customer. Thus, the survival permanent and continuous services our customers.

Our Mission

Keep in the forefront things do not mean much to many but means success for us, which is always seeking our valued customers service and punctuality, credibility at work and providing counseling and useful information to customers and try to provide equipment and services excellence and high-end at the lowest cost possible and stay away as much as possible for marketing cheap and third-party equipment in this process we are seeking to get a center of excellence in advanced centers.

Our Team

Our team provides professional Consultation and solution to client from various field .In addition, our experienced engineers and technicians are always eager to deliver, Install ,configure and operate your solution in processional and timely manner .Technical training to the clients staff is also offered when needed and can be held at our training facilities or at the client premises .